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Santa Barbara Essentials Now in the second year of presenting our Best of Santa Barbara Magazine issue, we continue on our quest to bring you our curated take on this incredible city.

Seen Around Town

Mother Daughter Night at Saks Saks Fifth Avenue turned into a glam spot after teaming with ParentClick for an evening of bonding between moms and teen-age daughters. founder Rachael Steidl explained, “The website has been around since 2002 and is a resource for parents of all socio-economic levels offering a broad range of information… Expands ParentClick Universe with New Site, Sharper Features

Eight years after Rachael Steidl launched to transform the way parents connect with the vital resources and information they need, more changes are in store for the popular Web site. Rachael Steidl says many of the new changes to her family of Web sites are a response to parent requests for more personalization…. The ultimate online resource for parents, families and communities.

If there’s one thing most parents agree on it’s that there aren’t enough hours in the day to care for a home, a job, the kids, and countless other tasks that crop up during a typical week. Santa Barbara mom Rachael Steidl can relate, and in order to make life easier for other busy parents,…