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Mother Daughter Night at Saks

Saks Fifth Avenue turned into a glam spot after teaming with ParentClick for an evening of bonding between moms and teen-age daughters. founder Rachael Steidl explained, “The website has been around since 2002 and is a resource for parents of all socio-economic levels offering a broad range of information useful to parents, grandparents and teachers working with children from birth to 18 years. There are more than 40,000 members and growing.” 
All mothers and daughters were invited to attend this event so thegirls could learn age appropriate skin care, makeup, hairstyles, etiquette and more.
Mi Salon had Mari Lopez and Martin Partida styling long locks. Giulia Tasca wanted her hair to be curled in a Taylor Swift style and indeed, a few moments later, it was.Mom Dawn Schroeder was expe-riencing one of the makeup make-overs by Kelly McClellam at theTrish McEvoy cosmetic counter. All the other counters were applying their magic as well. There was wine,mocktails and goodies throughout the store.
One of the highlights of the eve-ning is always the fashion show.The National Charity League (NCL)provided eighth-grade gals, call Ticktockers, to model. These girls are members through junior high and high school learning the value of volunteerism with the encouragement of their moms. Mom Ella Brittingham was in charge of the girls and Saks marketing and PR person Kristi Marks commentated the show revealing the latest fashion trends. Don’t forget beauty comes in all sizes and sodo models.

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