Help, Guidelines & FAQ’s

Fair_train_boysWelcome to the GUIDELINES, HELP & FAQ’s pages.

ParentClick, Inc. centralizes resources for parents within their own communities while creating affordable marketing packages so that businesses and nonprofits can reach the family demographic. strives to create a parent community that is comprehensive and clearly reflects each individual community in order to provide parents choices when they need resources. reaches parents of all socio-economic levels and offers a broad range of information that is useful to parents, grandparents, teachers and others working with children. is an organization committed to demonstrating compassion, dedication and integrity. was built from hard work, thorough research, a passion to support parents, a love of seeing families taking advantage of incredible programs and a commitment to a high quality, well designed, easy to use site.  ParentClick, Inc. constantly strives to exceed the expectations of our members, businesses and partners. GUIDELINES are provided so that we can ensure using the site remains a positive experience for everyone. We do not want to see our members or community businesses being unfairly attacked. We encourage constructive feedback so that we can all learn from each other whether it be about great resources in our communities or parenting tips we can use at home.

Our commitment to our community members and businesses… We will do our best to moderate all the posts that come through the site but we can be pretty sure that a few will slip past us. We also will do our best to control spam and hackers. We will remove anything that we feel violates our Posting Guidelines. We promise to review and investigate any reports that are made by our members pointing out inappropriate uses of the site. We will keep you posted on how these individual issues are handled and we will keep your reports confidential. We want to remind our businesses and members that we will always look at the big picture and evaluate the best solutions for the whole community so that using the site is a positive experience for everyone.

The team is here to support you. If you cannot find answers to your questions, you can submit questions and requests through Contact Us to ask for help. You’ll get an automatic response when we have received your request and expect to have a response to your inquiry within 24 during the business week.