A Comprehensive Guide to California’s Best Payday Lenders

A Comprehensive Guide to California's Best Payday Lenders

Today, a person has many ways to solve financial problems. Some prefer to borrow from friends, some contact banks, but in recent years another opportunity has appeared – a fast payday loan from microfinance institutions (MFIs). This product is gaining popularity among the population every day since large credit institutions have set rather stringent requirements for customers, so it is very difficult to get the required amount in the banking sector.

Below is a list of the largest microfinance institutions in California that are making loans online or in their offices in 2021. You can contact any of them if you urgently need cash. When choosing a company, take into account the minimum and maximum loan amount, terms, interest rate, requirements for borrowers and other conditions.

Top Loan Companies in California for Fast Cash


MLCU is the easiest way to find the best payday loans in California. This is not a direct lender but rather a referral service that matches potential borrowers with the right lenders for their needs and budget. They partner only with licensed and trusted financial companies that offer the best lending conditions and issue cash for a wide variety of situations. All the participating lenders comply with California law requirements.

Loan amounts range from $100 to $5,000 and terms typically do not exceed 30 days. Using the online platform, you can get approved for a fast and easy payday loan for unexpected financial needs in 15-20 minutes. The matching service is available 24/7 and is free of charge. Applying for a cash advance via the Internet is very convenient. It saves you time and effort. All you need is to fill out a short application where you provide basic personal and financial information.


NetCredit is a branch of Enova International Inc. It offers small personal loans online for consumers who may not qualify for classic banks loans or other large lenders. The company will process an application in a few minutes. At the same time, they will pay attention to other factors, not only your credit scores which means you can apply even if you have less-than-perfect credit.

If approved, you can typically borrow between $1,000 and $10,000. The lender can deposit your money into your bank account within a couple of business days However, NetCredit’s APRs tend to be higher than those offered by many other lenders. The company is doing business in 37 states, including California.

This is the right lender to choose if you need a large loan of over $1000.

ACE Cash Express

ACE Cash Express is a financial services company, founded in 1968. It offers fast and simple cash for your urgent needs. ACE is headquartered in Texas but has locations in California including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose. The lender focuses on online services such as payday loans, installment loans, debit cards, and others. You can apply offline in one of ACE’s stores or use their simple online application.

ACE Cash Express provides short-term loans to people who may not qualify for regular banking options and they can even approve you if you have less than perfect credit.

In California, you can borrow between $100 and $255. Residents of other states qualify for large amounts.
So, this online lender is best for consumers that need a very small short-term loan just to hold on until they get their next paycheck. The application process is speedy and easy and borrower requirements are relaxed. However, due to the high rates, ACE Cash Express is not a suitable option if you need a loan exceeding $255.


Moneytree is a direct lender based in Washington that offers loans in four states including California. The company says they strive to “provide real options to help solve life’s problems.” The lender also offers payday loans, title loans, and business loans. In California, you cannot apply for installment loans —only payday loans ranging from $100 to $255 with no prepayment penalties but they can come with interest rates well into the triple digits.

If you don’t need a bigger loan, Moneytree can be a suitable option. You can choose to receive your money deposited into your prepaid debit card or as cash at one of their locations. Keep in mind that Moneytree’s rates are high compared to some other online lenders although loan processing is fast.

Cashback Loans

Cashback Loans is a direct lender from California licensed by the Department of Corporations. It was founded in 2003. Today, the company has 29 locations across the state.

Cashback offers payday loans, title loans, and signature loans. Besides, the company provides other financial services. With payday loans, you should typically get the funds deposited into your bank account that same day. With title and signature loans, you should expect to receive your money within several hours.

Payday loan amounts range from $100 to $255, and terms range from 1 to 31 days.

You can apply for a loan in one of the lender’s locations or online. The online application will make the process faster.

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