News - Part 2


Santa Barbara Essentials Now in the second year of presenting our Best of Santa Barbara Magazine issue, we continue on our quest to bring you our curated take on this incredible city.

Seen Around Town

Mother Daughter Night at Saks Saks Fifth Avenue turned into a glam spot after teaming with ParentClick for an evening of bonding between moms and teen-age daughters. founder Rachael Steidl explained, “The website has been around since 2002 and is a resource for parents of all socio-economic levels offering a broad range of information…

Family Calendar Highlights

Check out the ParentClick Monthly Highlights

Local Women Business Owners Receive Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards

And the 2012 winners are… Top honors go to Kathy Gruver, Karen Mora, Rachel Steidl, Carol Ashley, Darya Bronston, Merryl Brown, Kelly Jensen and Mindy Bingham Taking a lesson from the Academy Awards, the National Association of Women Business Owners-Santa Barbara Foundation honored women entrepreneurs in eight categories at its Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards dinner…

Make Moving With Your Pets a Smooth Transition

Dear Inquisitive Canine, My husband and I will be moving across country in a few months (California to Pennsylvania) and we have 3 dogs that didn’t adjusted well to our previous move from Central California to Northern California. We are wondering what we can do to help ease their anxiety when packing up our home,…

“Amplified Ways of Being” and the Gifted Child

“Amplified Ways of Being” and the Gifted Child  Cynthia Z. Hansen, M.Ed. It is clear that the term “gifted” seems to imply that folks with high talents feel blessed to have them. But this is not always true. The highly gifted artist is often keenly aware of the emotions of other people and the colors…

When “Lazy” Doesn’t Make Sense: How Executive Functions Impact Achievement

Symptoms, Understanding & Coping Strategies Cynthia Z. Hansen, M.Ed. THE SYMPTOMS: Difficulty starting a task; staying focused on school tasks, managing simple routines, great ideas without follow-through; late work, and lost work:  Sound familiar?  Then read on!  There are many reasons why students may have these difficulties, from disengagement due to boredom, learning disabilities, or processing…

Summer Planning for your Family

In the April 18th issue of the Ventura Breeze, the section highlights Summer Activities, Camps, and Programs in and around Ventura County!