How to Buy Drugs Using Mobile Version or App?

How to Buy Drugs Using Mobile Version or App_

More and more customers place orders for medications using a mobile site’s versions and mobile applications. Many of our clients ask the question: is it really convenient to order drugs this way and how to do order drugs using a mobile site’s version or mobile application? This article will tell you all the details!

What is a mobile version?

The mobile version of the site is an adaptation of the site and its functions for all devices from which the user can view it. Mobile phones have long ceased to be luxury, which means that mobile sites are becoming one of the main ways to buy drugs. About 90% of the population have telephones, tablets and use them actively, (and not just for making calls). With the help of mobile devices, the buyer can access the Internet and purchase medications at any time at home, at work, in transport. And a customer’s positive experience will greatly depend on whether the website has a convenient mobile version or not.

Why an online pharmacy’s website must have a mobile version?

Every day more and more people visit the Internet from mobile devices, thereby the share of mobile traffic on sites is constantly increasing. However, this is only possible if the site is optimized for mobile devices. After all, if the site is not optimized for mobile devices, it won’s be convenient for customers to use it and they will immediately leave it. This is what makes owners of online pharmacies optimize their sites for mobile devices. They try to make their sites as convenient as possible.

Pros and cons of mobile-friendly websites

Mobile-friendly websites have the following advantages:

  • The speed of the site. Since the mobile version is a separate site which functions without many modules and components that are necessary for the full version of the site, it works much faster, i.e. pages on smartphones open almost instantly;
  • No secondary information. Such a website contains only the most important information about products. All unnecessary details are removed for user convenience.
  • You can go to the full version of the site. If necessary, you can easily switch to the full version of the site.

But there are some limitations:

  • Convenience. Unlike an application, a mobile website cannot effectively use all the functions of a smartphone. Cameras, GPS, phone dialing, and other features integrated into devices are not always well designed for mobile websites;
  • The screen size of the device. Due to their small size, the screens of smartphones/tablets display much less content compared to a desktop monitor or laptop screen. Despite the fact that the mobile web design dynamically adapts to the desired screen size, it actually reduces and rearranges the content available on the desktop;
  • Offline access. Offline operation of a mobile site is possible only when using cached pages. Full-fledged work requires a good internet connection.

How to buy drugs using a mobile version?

The process of ordering medications using a mobile website does not vary from the process of buying drugs using the full website’s version unless you do this from your smartphone/laptop. As soon as you access the website’s main page, you see a full range of available medications. Just choose the product you want to buy by clicking the Buy Now button. You will be transferred to the product card where you can see more detailed information about the product. Choose the necessary dosage and amount of pills and click the Add to Cart button. Then choose the payment option and delivery method you prefer. The next step is to go to the Checkout page, where you need to fill in the required fields: name, telephone number, delivery address, email address. After filling in all the fields, click the “Confirm Order” button.

Below, you can how to use a mobile version for ordering drugs from the example of Canadian Pharmacy’s website:

mobile version

Now you see that the ordering process via mobile version offered by My Canadian Pharmacy is easy and intuitive. You are unlikely to have any problems with purchasing your medication online.

What is a mobile app?

Some online pharmacies have separate mobile applications that can be downloaded from certain portals, such as the Google Play Market, App Store or others.
Such mobile programs are developed separately for each operating system, require installation, and provide faster access to content.

Mobile apps have the following advantages for customers:

  • Convenience. The analysis shows that applications are more popular than mobile site versions because they are more convenient. They provide better user experience, download content faster, easier to use. In addition, they have push notifications and a design that is more flexibly compatible with different screen sizes;
  • Personalization. Mobile apps are great for services that require regular use. They allow the user to create a personal account in an online pharmacy and keep important information handy;
  • Work offline. Because applications require installation, they can provide access to their features and content even without an Internet connection.

But there are also a few disadvantages:

  • Not all phones support mobile applications.

Perhaps the above facts are more than enough to make sure that you should prefer using websites that are mobile-friendly. And this is especially true for online pharmacies and other online stores.

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