ParentClick.com® centralizes local resources from pregnancy through the teen years. ParentClick.com® provides a one-stop, web based research portal so that parents no longer have to be overwhelmed when they need information. ParentClick.com® reaches parents of all socio-economic levels and offers a broad range of information that is useful to parents, grandparents, teachers and others working with children.

The site was started in Santa Barbara, California in 2001 as SBParent.com. In 2006, we began adding additional sites. Our 19 Territories now include: Ventura, CA, Monterey, CA, San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Silicon Valley, CA, Corona, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Santa Cruz, CA , Thousand Oaks, CA, West Valley, AZ, East Valley, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Vail, CO, O’ahu, HI, Arlington, TX, Long Island, NY, Shreveport-Bossier, LA, Jacksonville, FL and Santa Barbara, CA. We are continuing to add new cities every month nationwide.

Each territory is individually owned which makes each site unique since they are able to structure their site to fit the needs of their community. Each territory also benefits from the national exposure of ParentClick.com®. Not only does each territory list all the local Resources but it also offers Tips on a variety of subjects such as how to go about finding a babysitter or researching preschools. The Event Calendar is checked weekly by parents and a Parent Planner is provided so that parents can coordinate activities with other families. The free Classifieds section has become a valuable resource for families looking to buy and sell used children’s items and for finding babysitters.

We are out in the community making a difference for families. Our goal through sponsorship is to keep our listings affordable for all types of businesses, large and small. This provides parents with comprehensive information and allows them to make better choices for their families. We are committed to keeping the site free for users so that all parents have access to it. To show our commitment to giving back, we donate 2% of your sponsorship fee to helping families. ParentClick.com® is dedicated to supporting families in need and encouraging others to reach out.

Parents are too busy to read the newspaper. Most families are able to fast-forward through TV commercials and when it comes to radio, advertisers are competing with IPods and other new technology that allows users to avoid commercials.

So, how do you reach families? Through the internet. ParentClick.com® is a marketing venue for businesses that parents seek out and pay attention to. Parents trust it because it does not feel commercialized. With more than 100,000 people using the sites each month and more than a million monthly hits – ParentClick.com® is becoming the #1 national resource for parents. We receive emails from Europe and all over the USA asking for local resource information.

ParentClick.com® was not set up to be just another website that is focused on advertising, pop up windows and banners. All businesses that are listed on our resource pages are listed with information that assists the parents so that they can make good choices for their families. Additionally, we will not place competing sponsors on the site. Because of our limited sponsorships, we are looking for businesses that we believe to offer quality services or products for families.

Once you have signed a contract, you will always have first option for renewal the following year. Our 6 sponsors will be the only businesses with logos on the ParentClick.com site. Your logo will also link families to your website. Your business will benefit through continued name recognition with the thousands of families using the site.

Sponsorship Opportunities:


  • Your logo is placed on each page of ParentClick.com®, your business name is put on the homepage of all territory sites and you are listed in the Resource directory for all territories.
  • 2% of your fee will be used to benefit a charity each year.
  • ParentClick.com® sponsorship is limited to 6 sponsors at a time.


  • Advertise in our monthly newsletter.


  • Logo & link are placed on specific section of site: Kids & Travel or Recipe Club or Children’s Book Reviews and you receive a listing on all territories.


  • Have your product reviewed on ParentClick.com & in a MonthlyClick eNewsletter.


  • Have your product reviewed on ParentClick.com & in a MonthlyClick eNewsletter