UpperWestParent.com Will Help Upper West Side Parents in New York City Find Those “Secret Weapon Resources”

UpperWestParent.com plans to inform parents living on the Upper West Side in New York City about child related resources in their neighborhood

New York, N.Y. – November 15, 2003 – Although there are many “Top 10” and “Best of” lists for parent resources, UpperWestParent.com is the first “community” type website edited by parents that features little known parent resources called “Parent’s Secret Weapons”. “Some of these resources are so cool many parents intentionally don’t tell other parents about them for fear that too many people will change the quality of the resource or increase the price,“ said Laura Collins, one of the “parent editors“ who helps to manage the site. “On occasion I have been guilty of not sharing great parent resources myself ,” continued Ms. Collins

UpperWestParent.com is being tested and plans to have its official launch December 1, 2003. The concept for UpperWestParent.com is simple. Create a site that informs parents living on the upper west side in New York City about child related resources in their neighborhood. “Parents are busy, especially New York City Parents,” says Ms. Collins. “Between trying to move up the ladder and raising healthy, well adjusted children in a big city parents don’t have time to run all over the place for quality resources.” Upper West Side in New York City is defined by the area between 59th street and 169 street on the west side of New York City. 

“UpperWestParent.com really comes in handy when finding new ideas for new resources,” says Ms. Collins. “When most parents need a particular service or product for their children they usually take on a sheep mentality. They ask their friends and other parents what they use. This is fine for many things but it doesn’t allow new ideas to proliferate. If someone wanted to take a child for a burger and fries in a cool kid friendly environment most parents would think of the big name fast food chains.  The problem with this is that in most big cities there are other things besides a burger and fries and there are definitely great alternatives to the big fast food chains,” continued Ms. Collins. “UpperWestParent.com will be a great tool because although it will some of the basic resources, it also promotes new resources that most parents would not think of.”

UpperWestParent.com is part of ParentClick.com, which is planning a variety of community websites for the New York City area. UpperWestParent.com has its official launch December 1, 2003 but parents can log on after November 15 for a sneak preview. A sister site UpperEastParent.com also launches December 1, 2003. For more info visit www.UpperWestParent.com