ParentClick, Nordstrom Celebrate Four Moms of the Year


Tatiana Romo, Mary Lewandowski, Frankie Martinez & Edith Charco Rios are treated to a special night

Nordstrom and hosted a special Moms Night Out on Monday to celebrate the 2011 ParentClick Moms of the Year.

The evening started with wine, hors d’oeuvres and a fashion show by Santa Barbara moms wearing the latest styles. The ParentClick 2011 Moms of the Year were announced and awarded special gifts from Nordstrom (see the nominations below). The evening concluded with raffle prizes, makeovers, bra fittings, consultations with personal stylists, and lots of shopping.

Congratulations to Tatiana Romo, Mary Lewandowski, Frankie Martinez and Edith Charco Rios. Read and learn more about these fabulous moms.

Tatiana Romo, nominated by Philly Burmester

I am the house manager at Villa Majella Maternity Home of Santa Barbara. We are a residential program that cares for women during their pregnancy. They usually come to us at a very low and broken point of their lives. Many are overcoming drug or alcohol addictions, some are homeless living on the streets, a few are court-mandated to come to Villa Majella during their pregnancy. 

I have worked at Villa Majella for about two years now, and one resident in particular is very close to my heart. Her name is Tatiana Romo.

She came to us on March 23, 2010. She had some serious issues in her life to work on, plus she wanted to keep her baby and put her life on track for her other two children. She started our program with all her energy and did not give up. Today she is clean and sober, going to SBCC, engaged to be married and has her own apartment. Her hard work has paid off tenfold! I am so very proud of her. Her confidence and self-esteem are so amazing today. I wish her the best on this journey of life. She has so much to give to her children and to our community now. Please help me to recognize the wonder mom!

Mary Lewandowski, nominated by Leon Lewandowski

There’s no story to tug at your heart strings with my wife. No incredible situation she or the family had to overcome this year. She may not be the high-flying Kobe Bryant superstar of our family team. But she’s been consistent from day one (12 years ago) like a Lamar Odom. One you can count on, the one you call when you need a hand. During our remodel in 2010, Mary was the one that kept me, Maya (7) and Madison (11) from going nuts. The girls want to be with her all the time, as do I.

Frankie Martinez, nominated by Meichelle Arntz, Angels Foster Care

Frankie has been an Angels foster parent for several years. She has four children who she is a great mom to, and additionally has cared for several babies needing a safe, loving foster home. The last two years, she has also been a volunteer to help with visits between the biological moms and their babies in foster care. The time and energy she puts in to her family and her foster babies has paid off with now grown children with a strong sense of community and giving back. She has rescued and changed the course of many Angels babies’ lives by caring for them in a time when they needed to heal, be loved and learn to trust again.

Frankie is an inspiration to me. She lost her 22-year-old son five years ago in a tragic sudden cardiac arrest while he was playing soccer with friends. The family, devastated by the sudden loss of their oldest boy, has not failed to bring hope and comfort to others. Frankie gives back with an open, giving heart. She is a light to all who know her. When you meet her you want to be near her. She never talks about all the things she does to rescue our local babies, but I have watched her quietly going about the work of serving others.

Edith Charco Rios, nominated by Rosa-Maria Lazarovits, Grace Willson, Barbara Wishingrad, Silvia Wasjutin and Lucia Torres

Edith is the mother of three young boys. Her sons, Erick and Giovanni, ages 5 and 3, are both severely disabled. The cause is unknown; many genetic tests have been done. Both boys are unable to walk, can barely use their hands, they make sounds but do not talk, and have trouble swallowing and eating. Edith is patient and loving with them every single day. I have never heard her raise her voice or pity herself. She just keeps on keeping on. She touches them lovingly and delights in every possible success. She nurtures them and pays attention to them. She shows with her care, respect, laughter and hope how much they mean to her. She is always smiling and full of patience.

She is a nurse who understands the medical needs of her children. She is a mentor to other mothers going through a similar case to hers. She is a great community resource. She knows about services and valuable information that is often useful to other families. Edith deserves the title “Mom of the Year,” but if she does not win; she already is a very special mother in my book.

Edith makes certain she supports her children in every way possible and demonstrates such joy at all their gains no matter how big or small. She always maintains a positive outlook on life and is a role model for her children and all mothers with whom she comes in contact. To me, Edith is the example of what all mothers wish to be. I cannot think of a more deserving person to receive this honor. 

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